Beale Racing - TUNDRA Super Late Models - State Park Speedway

The TUNDRA Super Late Model series have provided lots of thrills and spills this year. Both Casey Johnson and John Beale have been competitive with fast cars yet both have seen some on track incidents that have limited there finishes. 

The third race of the TUNDRA Super Late Model series at State Park Speedway continued that trend. Casey and John qualified in the 2nd and 3rd behind Colin Reffner. John and Casey started p9 and 10. Both drivers were moving forward before Casey had a little incident with Justin Mondeik on lap 32. No tapout so Casey went to the back. The restart was real quick since John Beale, Neil Knoblock and Colin Reffner collided when Neil and John wheel hopped  just across the start finish line. Neil spun and crashed into the turn one tire barrier. Colin was collected and left with front spindle damage. John was sent to the back. 

Casey and John battled back from the rough start and finished in the top five. Casey Johnson's third place finish moved him into third in points at the halfway point of the series. John Beale finished 5th and moved 16 points back to Colin Reffner who leads the series. 

TJ Harron